My name is Rudyk Sehiy Jaroslavovych, I was born on the 25 of April 1970, in Tchernivtsi. I am Ukrainian, possess Ukrainian citizenship. After having finished, school I became a student of Institute of history, Fedjkovych Tchernivtsi State University, where I have studied from 1987 till 1992. My specialization is historical scientist, teacher of history. From 1992 till 1995 I was doing Phd at the same university. Phd dissertation was devoted to “Emigration of Ukrainians after Second World War, moving to the USA and Canada: reasons, features, consequences (1945-1953)”.

My career has started in 1992 from the position of a teacher at Vyzhnytska boarding school. In 1995-1996 I worked as a teacher at Tsernivtsi technical college. From 1996 I worked in the Ministry of national affairs and migration (later it was reorganized into the State Committee) in the position of a head of the Department of Organizational Support for Deported Citizens, later as a head of the Central Department of Deported Citizens. From 1999-2001 I studied in the National Academy of Public Administration under the Office of the President of Ukraine, graduated with title Master of Public Administration. While studying in the Academy I also defended Master of Arts in Public Administration at the University of Northern London. From 2001 I worked as a head of the Review Board of NGO “Foundation of Regional Initiatives”; 2005-2007- Head of the National Committee on Nationalities and Migration; 2007-2010- deputy Head of the Kyiv State Administration; 2011- advisor to Head of Ternopil Region Administration.
From November 2011 till January 2013 I was working on phd dissertation, National Academy of Public Administration under the Office of the President of Ukraine. Topic of dissertation: “Mechanism of state control over migration in the context of social development: formation and expediency of introduction”.

From January 2013 I am a head of the fraction secretariat of Svoboda party in Ukrainian parliament. From April 2014 I am Chairman of the State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine.

I am an active participant of social and political life in Ukraine. In 1999-2005 I was a President of Association of Civil Servants; 2003-2005- chief-editor all Ukrainian newspaper “Civil Defender”, deputy of Kyiv City Council of V convocation; head of Permanent commission on local self-government, regional and inter-regional affairs at Kyiv City Council; 2009- deputy head, head of Kyiv center of all Ukrainian NGO “Ukrainian peoples’ party”. In 2009 I initiated creation of Union of national-patriotic association “Ukrainian community in Kyiv”, I also am a Honorary head of the council of the association. I am a member of political council of all Ukrainian party “Svoboda”. In 2011 – head of election headquarters of “Svoboda” in Cherkassy region; in 2012 – deputy chairman of Central election headquarters of “Svoboda”; during parliamentary elections in 2012 I was nominated as a candidate of united opposition at majoritarian constituency № 198 in Cherkassy region (I was ranked second with a result of 20,5% of all votes).

I am author and co-author of more than 20 scientific articles and more than 10 scientific publications from the sphere of public administration, development of civil society, migration problems, for example: “Ethics and behaviour of public servants during elections”, “Civil control over votes counting during presidential elections in 1999: history of one project”, “Creation of institute of civil human rights defenders in Ukraine in years 2000-2003”, “Law can win: histories of success of civil human rights defenders”, “Bodies of self-organization of citizens. Modern tendencies. Basics of organization, problems of functioning and organization”, “Association of owners of the apartment building as an institution of civil society”.

I was awarded the Order of Merit (Third Class), Order “Cross Of Symor Petliura”, Order of St. Volodymyr the Great (Third Class).

Have a daughter Evgenija, born in 2012.